4.1 Select your metal powder coating pantone – Vedoc Range by Ferro

All colour codes that begin with ‘VEP’ form part of the Epoxy Polyester Range of powders and these exhibit excellent corrosion protection and chemical resistance. For use in interior and certain limited exterior applications. These powders are available in gloss, satin, matt, metallic, Ferrotex and Ferrograin finishes.

All colour codes that begin with ‘VX’ form part of the Polyester Range of powders and they are suitable for exterior exposures. They are recommended for general industrial exterior use where superior UV resistance is required. These powders are available in gloss, satin, matt, Ferrotex and Ferrograin finishes.

All colour codes that begin with ‘VP’ form part of the Hi-Q Polyester Range which has a superior level of UV resistance and is specifically formulated for the architectural aluminium industry. This range carries a 15 year guarantee. These powders are available in gloss, satin and matt finishes.

All colour codes that begin with ‘VPA’ form part of the Functional Range and comprise of hard wearing exterior and chemical resistant powders with high levels of corrosion protection.

Electrostatic Powders Range

VEP 1002 Appliance White Gloss

VEP 1002 Appliance White Gloss

VEP 1020 Light White Gloss

VEP 1021 Enamel White Gloss

VEP 1049 Ice White Gloss

VEP 1077 Snow White Gloss

VEP 1086 Linen White Gloss

VEP 1223 White Satin

VEP 2001 Orange 557 Gloss

VEP 2002 Coca Cola Red Gloss

VEP 2004 Post Office Red Gloss

VEP 2008 Bright Orange Gloss

VEP 2038 Red Oxide Primer

VEP 2084 Ripe Orange Gloss

VEP 2098 Pallian Orange Gloss

VEP 3001 Buttercup Gloss

VEP 3002 Light Yellow Gloss

VEP 4002 Escom Green Gloss

VEP 4006 Cadac Green Gloss

VEP 4009 Eau De Nil Green Gloss

VEP 4031 Sikeni Green Gloss

VEP 5001 Chrylser Blue Gloss

VEP 5002 Cadac Blue Gloss

VEP 5010 Seaside Gloss

VEP 5075 Steel Blue Gloss

VEP 6002 Carrier Beige Gloss

VEP 6004 Antique Ivory Gloss

VEP 6005 Tharmarq Cream Gloss

VEP 6012 Chocolate Gloss

VEP 6020 OK Peanut Gloss

VEP 6041 Shelco Cream Gloss

VEP 6072 Easter Oak Gloss

VEP 6072 Easter Oak Gloss

VEP 7003 Grey 632 Gloss

VEP 7010 Hospital Grey Gloss

VEP 7014 Medium Grey Gloss

VEP 7023 Motorcraft Grey Gloss

VEP 7230 Kiesel Grey Satin

VEP 7238 Dove Grey Satin

VEP 7551 Charcoal Ferrograin

VEP 7564 SP Grey Ferrograin

VEP 8001 Black Gloss

VEP 8508 Black Ferrograin

VEP 8105 Black Matt

VEP 9081 Royal Silver Gloss

VEP 9296 Metallic Silver Grey Satin

VEP 10118 BB White Gloss

VEP 20135 Signal Orange Gloss

VEP 62214 Seashell Cream Satin

VEP 72124 Light Grey Satin

VEP 72182 G29 Grey Satin

VEP 72215 Hospital Grey Satin

VEP 72190 Light Grey Satin

VP 1004 Hi-Q BC White Matt

VP 1001 Hi-Q White Gloss

VP 1101 Hi-Q White Matt

VP 1029 Hi-Q Brilliant White Gloss

VP 1103 Hi-Q Pearl White Matt

VP 2001 Hi-Q Signal Red Gloss

VP 2008 Hi-Q Carmine Red Gloss

VP 2031 Hi-Q Wine Red Gloss

VP 3002 Hi-Q Medium Yellow Gloss

VP 4003 Hi-Q Flag Green Gloss

VP 4106 Hi-Q Moss Green Matt

VP 5006 Hi-Q Ultramarine Blue Gloss

VP 5007 Hi-Q Cobalt Blue Gloss

VP 6114 Hi-Q NM Bronze Matt

VP 6006 Hi-Q Dark Chocolate Brown Gloss

VP 6110 Hi-Q Light Bronze Matt

VP 7105 Hi-Q Dark Sea Grey Matt

VP 7006 Hi-Q Pale Grey Gloss

VP 7112 Hi-Q Umber Grey Matt

VP 7114 Hi-Q Traffic Grey Matt

VP 7199 Hi-Q Charcoal Matt 1

VP 7107 Hi-Q Charcoal Matt 2

VP 7115 Hi-Q Ash Grey Matt

VP 7121 Hi-Q Dust Grey Matt

VP 8002 Hi-Q Black Jet Gloss

VP 7169 Hi-Q Pearl Aluminium Matt

VP 8110 Hi-Q Black Matt

VP 8203 Hi-Q Black Satin

VP 9136 Hi-Q Bronze Anodising Matt

VP 9004 Hi-Q White Aluminium Gloss

VP 9109 Hi-Q Light Pearl Bronze Matt

VP 61124 Hi-Q NU NM Bronze Matt

VP 9143 Hi-Q Pearl Copper Matt

VP 71107 Hi-Q Stone Grey Matt

VPC 2001 Red Oxide Gloss

VPC 5001 Electric Blue Gloss

VPU 8201 Black Satin

VX 1004 Sun White Gloss

VX 1013 White Gloss

VX 1013 White Gloss

VX 1011 FC White Gloss

VX 1046 Frozen White Gloss

VX 1019 Enamel White Gloss

VX 1025 White Gloss

VX 1279 White Satin

VX 1507 Ultra White Ferrograin

VX 1069 Colourfull White Gloss

VX 2003 Orange 557 Gloss

VX 2005 Post Office Red Gloss

VX 2013 Dark Burgundy Gloss

VX 2023 Traffic Red Gloss

VX 2011 Traffic Red Gloss

VX 3015 Wild Yellow Gloss

VX 2261 Red Door Satin

VX 4020 Telkom Green Gloss

VX 4002 Henley Green Gloss

VX 3239 Railway Yellow Satin

VX 5018 Telkom Blue Gloss

VX 4212 Moss Green Satin

VX 6004 Carrier Beige Gloss

VX 5038 Signal Blue Gloss

VX 6028 Cream Gloss

VX 6029 Sand Gloss

VX 6025 Sepia Brown Gloss

VX 7004 632 Grey Gloss

VX 6254 Brown Bronze Satin

VX 7077 American Grey Gloss

VX 7028 Beige Grey Gloss

VX 7517 Saddlewood Ferrograin

VX 8034 Jet Black RAL9005 Gloss

VX 8011 Black Gloss

VX 8218 Black Satin

VX 8102 Black Matt

VX 8503 Black Ferrograin

VX 61293 HR Bronze Matt

VX 62189 Bronze Satin

VX 70145 Antracite RAL7016 Gloss

VX 9017 White Aluminium Gloss

5990157 Tiger Sodick Silver Metallic

6990500 Coastal Zinc Rich Primer